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Don’t you know what is the website? A website is actually a platform that is used on the Internet. On the website where you get the thing you mean or not if you are sitting and ordering something. The website of commerce, you can fear We will tell you the typed types of websites later. After going deep into the mosque, but tell you that basic, YouTube is also a website.

Using the internet in this world but he does not know what the website is but he visits on a daily basis as well. I want to explain to you in a very easy way, this is a very easy way to explain, I cannot get better than this You floor if you want to find something, that is, you have a question you want to find the answer but you are not getting the answer but you want me to get the answer with the help of internet.

How Do Websites Work?

Google will work and you will find an answer to that question, it does not have an answer. Google has a lot of websites posted on it. As soon as you ride on it and write the truth, then Google gives you a lot of things to say before the website, in which the answer to your question is now, it is up to you, what is your purpose, and all those answers are according to your question, what kind of question will Google bring, Now this Google which is working in the middle, it is working as a search engine, it is working according to the head, but the answer that you will get will be on one specific website, but it will be very high but whatever your heart is.