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Chapped lips can be very painful, especially in cold and dry weather. Exfoliating can remove dry and dead skin on soft lips. Use a scrub or common household products to gently exfoliate, and then moisturize, you can make peeled lips become moist and plump. Use what you have at home to make a great lip scrub.

1: Make a Natural Scrub

1. Use sugar to make a scrub. Pour equal amounts of olive oil and sugar into a small bowl and mix well to form a paste. Lean on the sink to avoid soiling the surface. Using a clean and soft face towel, gently rub the paste onto your lips in a circular motion. Wash off the paste with warm water, not hot water. Bend the palm of your hand into a bowl to hold water, and then pour the water into your mouth until you rinse it out. Pat your lips dry and apply petroleum jelly or moisturizing lip balm to moisturize it.

  • You can use white sugar or brown sugar, but not powdered sugar.
  • You can substitute delicious coconut oil for olive oil.
  • The longer and harder the massage, the more dead skin can be removed. Massage for 1 minute at most. Excessive exfoliation can cause pain or chapped lips.
  • The oily scrub has a good moisturizing effect and is suitable for dry skin.

2. Use baking soda to make a scrub. Mix the baking soda and water together to form a grit-like paste. You need to test various ratios yourself. Using a clean facial towel or an old soft toothbrush, gently rub the paste onto your lips in a circular motion. Rinse with warm water, pat your lips dry, and then apply lip balm or petroleum jelly.

  • Baking soda and water have no moisturizing effect at all. Be sure to apply moisturizing lip balm after exfoliating.
  • If the skin around the mouth is very oily, this scrub is suitable for you because it is not greasy.

3. Use honey and sugar to make a scrub. Pour honey and sugar into a small bowl in a ratio of 1:2 and mix well. Rub it on the lips in a circular motion. You can use your fingers (wash your hands first), or a soft toothbrush, a clean face towel, or a cotton swab. Let it stand for 2-3 minutes, then wash it off with warm water. Honey is very sticky and it may take several minutes to wash it off. Wipe your lips gently with a cloth, and then moisturize.

  • If you like, you can leave the scrub on your lips overnight. After applying the scrub, put a paper towel on your lips and press down slightly. This will prevent the scrub from staining the bedding and face. Sleep on your back and keep your head straight. Tear off the paper towel the next morning, wash off the scrub, and then moisturize your lips.

2: Use Simple Household items

  1. Use a toothbrush. Use an old toothbrush to make sure the bristles are soft and straight. Dip a toothbrush into a little petroleum jelly and rub your lips gently in a circular motion. Leave Vaseline on the lips to moisturize them. If most of the petroleum jelly is wiped off, it can be reapplied.
  • This toothbrush can no longer be used to brush teeth. Keep it in a clean, dry place, and use it for exfoliation in the future, but it should not be used for other purposes to avoid staining it.
  • If your lips are very sensitive, you can use a children’s toothbrush. Their bristles are usually very soft.
  • If you don’t want to use a toothbrush, you can use a clean and soft face towel instead.

2. Use lemon juice to exfoliate. Mix 1 tablespoon of lemon juice with 1 tablespoon of castor oil or glycerin. Apply to lips and wait for an hour or so. Wet the soft face towel with warm water, gently wipe off the mixture, and then moisturize as usual.

  • This method is suitable for chapped lips and skin.

3. Nourish and soothe lips and skin with oatmeal. The granular texture of oatmeal is very suitable for exfoliating, can effectively absorb and remove dirt and impurities from the skin. Mix 1 tablespoon (15 ml) of oatmeal and 3 tablespoons (about 45 ml) of warm water or milk, and massage your lips in circular motions for 1-2 minutes. Then rinse it off with warm water, and then wash it again with cold water. 

4. Use rose petals to exfoliate. This method not only sounds romantic but exfoliating with rose petals can moisturize the lips and add a little red to them. Soak the clean rose petals in raw milk for 3 hours. When the rose petals have completely absorbed the milk, use a mortar and pestle, or the back of a tablespoon, to mash them into a paste. Then apply it evenly on the lips. 

  • This gentle exfoliating cream and moisturizer may be helpful for sensitive skin.

5. Purchase pre-made lip exfoliating products. There are various brands of lip scrubs on the market, including LUSH and elf. Choose products that contain natural ingredients such as aloe vera and shea butter. Salicylic acid cannot be used because it is too irritating to the lips. Be careful when using the new product and rub it gently on your lips to avoid excessive exfoliation.

  • If you feel tingling on your lips after using a product, stop using it immediately.