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Is your chest hair only a little, not thick enough? Don’t worry, you can make your chest hair much thicker within a month by following this guide. The following is a detailed description.

1: Proven Medical Method

1. Balance testosterone levels. See your doctor check if your testosterone levels are normal. The level of testosterone is closely related to the amount of chest hair. If the testosterone level is too low, there may be less chest hair. Excessive levels of testosterone will be converted into testosterone, causing the hair follicles to shrink and the amount of chest hair to decrease. Healthy and balanced testosterone levels are important. However, you cannot measure your testosterone level at home or in a pharmacy, you can only measure it in the hospital.

  • Start working out. Losing weight and lifting weights can increase a man’s testosterone levels. Go to the gym and do some sit-up presses to make your body stronger and increase your chest hair.
  • If you detect low testosterone levels in the hospital, you can take some testosterone supplements. Only when the hospital has a clear diagnosis of low testosterone levels can you take testosterone supplements. If your testosterone levels are normal, taking supplements is not good for chest hair growth, because the enzymes in the body convert excess testosterone into hormones that shrink hair follicles.
  • Consult your doctor about estrogen inhibitors. He will advise you whether you need to take estrogen inhibitors.
2. Do not take steroids. Not only do they do not help the growth of chest hair, but they are also harmful to the body. There are dozens or even hundreds of anabolic steroids. Each type of steroid has a different effect on the body and hair. Therefore, it is not safe to take steroids to increase chest hair. 

2: Unproven Home Remedies

1. Shave your chest hair. If you have less chest hair, you can try to shave it regularly, perhaps it will increase. This is why girls choose beeswax instead of shaving. However, this method is not suitable for people who have no chest hair at all. The effect of this method may not be obvious and varies from person to person. Shave close to the roots of the chest hair. When the chest hair grows, it will look thicker. See how to shave your chest hair.

  • You need to shave your chest hair every half month to a month.

2. Use dyclonine cream. After taking a shower in the morning, apply dyclonine cream to your chest and massage to help absorption. It is said that this method can promote the growth of new chest hair, but it has not been confirmed by a doctor. 

  • Note: Dakenine is generally used to treat athlete’s foot and vaginal infections, so are careful when using it, and only apply a little bit to try. 
3. Cut the onion in half and rub the chest. Massage the onion in circular motions on the chest. When the surface of the onion is dry, cut off about five millimeters, and then continue to massage. Onions contain sulfur, which can promote hair growth.

  • Do not massage with onions during the day because the smell of onions is pungent. It is best to massage with onions at night, and the smell can be washed off when you take a shower the next morning.

4. Consult other men with thick chest hair. This may be a bit embarrassing, but consult with someone you can trust how they increase chest hair, you can learn more effective methods.

  • If they ask you why you can:
    • Tell them directly why. Tell them you want to make your chest hair thicker, maybe they will tell you how. This is nothing to be embarrassed about.
    • You can also say that you are more curious and just want to know why.
5. Be patient. The amount of chest hair may only increase after half a month. It may even take longer to see obvious changes. Be patient and stick to it. It doesn’t matter if there is no growth, after all, there are more important things in life, don’t be discouraged!
6. Learn about rumors about hair growth. Most of the rumors about promoting hair growth and thereby increasing masculinity have been proven wrong.
  • Speeding up blood flow does not promote hair growth. Maybe someone else told you that brushing your chest with a toothbrush can speed up blood flow and promote hair growth. There is no scientific basis for this statement, and doing so will not promote hair growth.
  • Unblocking the pores will not promote hair growth. Some people say that hair cannot grow because of clogged pores. As long as the pores are unclogged, the hair will grow. Of course, this is wrong. Grinding away dead skin and unclogging pores are good for the body, but they do not promote the growth of chest hair.