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How much money can you earn on a blog on the Internet? How to create a blog for money? What are the ways to make money on the Internet? Where is the best blog to make money? Where to start blogging? How much can a beginner make on a blog? etc.

I believe that blogging is an ideal way to earn extra money because you can do it at a convenient time for you, wherever you are.

How much money do bloggers really earn in 2020?

During the first year, it is quite possible for a novice blogger to earn an additional $ 300-1000 per month. Later, monthly blog revenue will increase.

As I mentioned earlier, I published my income report for January 2020, in which I tell how I earned more than $ 1,500 per month on my blog. I did this in order to clearly show how much bloggers earn on average per month.

Many people wonder how much American bloggers earn. The fact is that most foreign bloggers devote less than 20 hours a week to blogging and earn tens of thousands of dollars a month. In this case, investing time blog authors have crazy profitability!

More and more people read blogs, and accordingly, this is really a promising niche for making money.

How Much Money Earn Online on Blogs in 2020

How much money you can earn depends largely on the following:

  • How much traffic is on your blog
  • How big is your reader’s email list?

How much can you earn on a blog in 2020? In the first year, your blog revenue may very well be around $ 1,000 per month.

To achieve the goal you need to create useful content and promote it in order to get more traffic and subscribers. These two factors will give you the opportunity to make money.

Although blogging takes time, on the other hand, it is absolute freedom.

Below I will talk about 16 ways to make money on a blog on the Internet, but before we move on to this, let’s decide how to correctly measure the income you get from a blog.

In order to understand the number of your earnings from the blog, you should measure 2 parameters:

  • The income per page view by user
  • Revenue per email subscriber

Since I received questions about earning money, I decided to collect everything I know about blogging.

What Revenue Can I Get From Blogging?

The More Blog Traffic, The More Revenues.

In many thematic niches of blogs in display and affiliate advertising, it is quite possible to earn from $ 0.01 to $ 0.1 per page view.

Therefore, if for example, you get 1000 page views per month (which is easy to do), you can earn $ 10 per month on it, which will cover the costs of blogging. The query about how much bloggers earn per 1000 views is one of the most popular, which suggests that reaching this figure is quite easy.

If you can get 10,000 page views per month, you will have the opportunity to earn $ 100, etc. In rare cases, for viewing a page you can get more income, for example, in niche insurance. The main conclusion from the above is that the more people get to your blog, the more money you can earn from blogging.

The more time you spend blogging and creating useful content, the faster your traffic and mailing list will grow. At the same time, the narrower the topic of your blog and the larger the audience, the more money you can earn on the blog.

Although making a lot of money on a blog is certainly not easy.

That’s why it is so important to understand SEO (search engine optimization). This is not always a simple blog development process that requires knowledge and skills. SEO is what will bring you money from blogging in the long run. Google and Yandex organic traffic is the most sustainable development strategy for your blog.

16 Ways to Make Money Using a Blog

 I’ll say right away that I’m not describing ways to monetize that can harm your blog, for example selling links, posting teasers, etc.

1. Contextual advertising (CPC Ads)

Blog Potential Income: $ 0.01 – $ 0.1 per page view

Yandex Advertising Service and Google Adsense allow you to display ads from the Display Network of their systems on your website/blog. Advertising Google Adsense and YAN – the easiest ways to earn money for new bloggers, but making a lot of money is impossible. How much can you earn on a newbie blog in this case? For example, if you have 1,000 visitors per month, you can earn up to $ 10 on most Google and Yandex ads. Which, in principle, is also good for a start!

English blog

Blog Potential Income: $ 0.1 – $ 0.3 per page view

In the English-speaking segment, Google AdSense has no worthy competitors.

2. Advertising / Publishing Networks

Potential monthly blog revenue: $ 100 +

Working with a thematic advertiser/network will definitely be more profitable than advertising on Yandex or Google. Typically, there are ad networks that specialize in your niche, so just search the “[your topic] ad network” search engine and you will probably find several options with which to discuss collaboration. Many advertisers have high blog traffic requirements, which is normal.

The income from the blog in this case, on average, will be 1.5 or more times higher compared to contextual advertising.

Potential monthly blog revenue: $ 500 +

When you reach 25,000-30,000 page views per month, you should opt-out of Google Adsense ads and start working directly with publisher networks. In this case, it is the ad networks that will control the display of ads on your blog.

3. Affiliate (affiliate) advertising (CPA Ads)

Blog Potential Revenue: $ 5-300 per click

Affiliate marketing is a legal way to make a lot of money on a blog by placing affiliate ads on your site. In almost any thematic niche you can earn money by recommending goods or services and getting a percentage every time. Someone performs an action – register or buy (most often pay for a service or product) by clicking on your link.

This is a profitable collaboration between a blogger and an advertiser because the advertiser receives a verified registration (CPA) and you will be paid more for a confirmed registration than just a conversion. Depending on the product you are promoting, you can earn from $ 1 to $ 200 (or more!) On blogging when someone committed an action using your link.

My maximum earnings per action were $ 125 (a Russian-speaking user registered to host when a 2-time commission was provided).

How to make such money on affiliate advertising?

Only recommend the products or services that you use. One of the fastest ways to lose your readers is to recommend a bad or spam product just because you earn if users buy it.

It’s not worth it!

Focus on finding the partner services and products that you use. Not all companies, but most have affiliate programs. If you don’t see the “Become an Affiliate” or “Become an Affiliate” link, just write to the company whose services you use and find out if they have an affiliate program.

Some affiliate programs may have minimal blog traffic requirements. If you do not meet their requirements, just write to them again when your traffic reaches a level sufficient for cooperation.

Amazon Affiliate Advertising

One of the most popular affiliate programs in the world is Amazon. Despite the fact that the payments on Amazon are not very large, the company has a fairly easy to use affiliate platform, and you can promote any of the millions of Amazon products on your website/blog.

The more expensive the product you recommend, the higher the commission you get if someone buys the product from your link.

This is one of the reasons why people do reviews on expensive products such as blogs on electronics, cameras, and other equipment. Blog authors earn up to 10% of the value of goods from affiliate purchases.

Currently, I use Amazon product placement only to advertise items that I recommend taking with you on a trip to Southeast Asia.

How to get blog revenue as a reward from Amazon?

1. Transfer of earned funds to your account. You will be able to purchase goods for this amount.
2. Receiving funds on Amazon Gift Card. The code will be indicated in the sent card. If necessary, you can tell this code to anyone. After entering this code in your Amazon account, a person will receive money in the account. In other words, you can easily sell these cards if necessary or donate them.
3. Receiving payment by bank check. The amount must be above $ 100, a check will be sent by mail to your name.

4. Advertising publication

Blog Potential Income: $ 50-300 per post

The more popular your blog, the more people will come up with an offer to pay for posting an advertising publication on your blog. How much can you earn on a site by posting content? Usually offer from $ 50 to $ 100 per publication. My blog is not very popular yet, however, several people a month come to me with a similar proposal. This is especially true for the English version of the blog.

You might think that this is a good amount of money to publish a post written by someone else. However, Google does not like to massively post non-thematic articles on a website/blog, and if the percentage of such articles is large, there is a risk of being sanctioned and losing some of the traffic. Also, pay attention to where external links from a custom article lead. If this is “bad advertising,” for example, “how to lose weight in 15 days,” etc., search engines will notice this by behavioral factors, moreover, your audience will also negatively relate to such publications.

That is why I do not recommend posting such advertising articles, especially in the first year of blogging. And in the future, be very careful when receiving posts with advertising content. For 2 years I have not posted a single sponsored post. Think about the readers and the reputation of your site on Google and Yandex – this is above all.

Take your time with advertising content!

5. Direct advertising of goods

Potential monthly blog revenue: from $ 100

If you have a popular website or blog, some companies may contact you to place an ad banner on your site to promote your product. You yourself can also turn to companies that match your target audience and blog niche. Display ads will appear on every page of your blog, resulting in maximum visibility.

How much can you earn on a blog on the Internet in this case? As a rule, you can receive from $ 100 to $ 1000 per month for showing ads, depending on the niche in which you blog and the level of attendance of your blog. 728 × 900 banner ads can be sold most profitably, as they are most noticeable when you place them above the headline on your blog.

I had an educational project with more than 100,000 visitors/day, and direct advertising was received every week.

One more tip. Even if you are completely satisfied with the offer of advertisers – always a bargain, do not lose money out of the blue. So you can work on the blog much more. 

6. Promotion on social networks

Potential income: from $ 100

I was very pleased when the brand first paid me $ 100 for posting goods on my cat’s Instagram account (at that time there were just over 70,000 subscribers). Seriously, I was surprised when I was paid for posting a collage in my CAT account.

Later, I even entered into an agreement with the feed producer in Russia – Leading LLC, and we worked for several months. I can’t tell you the exact figures of the contract, but they are close to the figure announced above. If you are an influential person or an expert in your niche, you will most likely be able to earn money by advertising products or services on social networks. The more you interact with your audience and brands, the more money you can get.

How many travel bloggers earn? Some travel bloggers, with a large number of Instagram followers, earn thousands of dollars a month by promoting products in their niche (travel). Of course, they have a blog, but they earn more money on social networks by developing their blog.

7. Paid promotion in social networks

Blog Potential Income: $ 1,000 +

It is in this way that many of the largest and most profitable both our and foreign bloggers earn.

Paid promotion on social networks works like this: you buy traffic to Facebook, Vk, Yandex, Google on your blog, usually from 2 cents to $ 0.5 per click, then some percentage of this traffic is recorded (buys) something on one of your affiliate links. It can be both your product (service) and partner.

Then you determine how much you spend on clicks on ads to determine the revenue from the affiliate program.

Of course, this requires testing ads on each of the sites. Over time, when you find a winning combination of advertising settings (for example, for every $ 1 spent on advertising, you get $ 1.5 as a partner’s income), you can quickly scale it.

Thus, the entire industry of entertainment and mobile applications works.

I have tried a similar placement of my product – a guide to the Philippines. Advertising on the first setup worked in a small plus. Having your product, you definitely need to use it.

8. Courses

Potential income: from $ 20

A course is usually created and launched after several years of blogging. Creating a course is a great way to make money on your blog. It has never been easier to sell your experience and make money by teaching others what you know. You can post your course on a third-party web service, such as Teachable.

In 2019, I did a test course on promoting Instagram in the English-speaking market.

If you plan to develop a course that someone is already offering, think about how your course will be different and why someone will buy your course, and not someone else.

Think about whether your blog audience will buy what you offer?

To create a course, you should have a large list of email subscribers and an audience on the blog who read your materials. If You Have It All – Build Your Course!

9. Consulting with companies

Potential income: from $ 100 per consultation

I had experience consulting with a company that produced pet accessories on how best to promote products on the Internet. If you become an expert in your niche and possess valuable knowledge, companies will want to cooperate with you and will be ready to pay you for your experience.

If you want to get consulting offers, the best way to do this is through LinkedIn, this is the social platform in which I recommend, first of all, publish the announcements of my articles in 2020. However, orders will only appear if you are an expert, and you will have a popular blog. An easy way to find collaboration in the field of consulting is to connect on LinkedIn with other bloggers who work with companies in your niche.

10. Partnership with Brands

Potential monthly income: from $ 200

As soon as you become noticeable in your niche, brands will begin to contact you to discuss ways of cooperation. Be prepared for the moment when this happens; prepare ideas and suggestions on how you can help brands reach your audience. If you become a partner of brands, it will benefit you, as they will share your content and a new audience will find out about you, and accordingly, you will have another source of income from the blog.

Tip: most brands will want to collaborate by offering small amounts, but you should not underestimate yourself. If the brand appeals to you, they intend to work with you, so be prepared to negotiate.

Strive to create long-term partnerships with brands that will be mutually beneficial and will become a permanent way of income for you.

11. 1 on 1 consultation

Potential income: from $ 200

Once upon a time, I held master classes on website promotion on the Internet for marketers of large companies. He also had experience advising companies to promote their products.

One of the problems of earning, in this case, is that you need to prepare very well for each consultation, it takes a lot of time. That’s why I recommend working with a maximum of several clients at the same time. No matter how popular my blog is, I will always work only with a small number of clients, as for me this is the most effective way to help people grow their online business.

12. Book

Potential blog revenue: from $ 50

If you are an expert in your niche, have quality content, and a wide audience, then you can create your own book. Although it might seem premature to think about writing a book at the stage of creating a blog, it will become a reality as your blog develops.

If 2 years ago, when I started to blog Rest on My Own, I was told that I would write a guide to the Philippines, which would contain 172 pages, I would not believe it. You have no idea where your blog can lead you – it’s like with my cat’s Instagram account. I promoted it just for fun.

13. Copywriting

Potential revenue: $ 100 per post

And last but not least, a blog is the creation of content, so the more you write on the blog, the more advanced you become a writer, and the more likely you are to be able to sell this skill using the ability to write custom content. A lot of companies and publications are in search of niche experts to obtain high-quality and relevant content + these companies are willing to pay for good content.

English market:

Potential earnings: from $ 100 to $ 500 per post

For example, Elna Cain sells her services as a freelance writer and writes for major publications.

If you are a writer, designer, photographer, traveler, programmer, or another specialist where your skills can be useful and sold, all you really need to get started is posting a contact form for clients and of course a cool blog.

14. Speeches at the conference

Potential income: $ 100 – $ 1,000 per speech

Speaking at conferences is difficult and often requires a lot of travel. You must also have oratory skills and quickly navigate all areas of your work. I know some American bloggers who earn $ 100,000 a year just by speaking at conferences, sharing their knowledge with the audience.

English market

Potential income: $ 500 – $ 10,000 per speech

15. Membership in a closed group

Potential income: from $ 20 per user

Another option to make money on the Internet is to sell access to exclusive information on a website or to Fb or another group, where you give advice to a small group of users. How much do beginner bloggers earn? You can charge users of the group from $ 20 per month for access to personal business tips.

The key point here is that membership in your group should be more valuable than what visitors can find for free elsewhere, so make sure you develop unique content worthy of payment.

English market

Potential income: from $ 50 per user

16. Donations

Potential income: from $ 1 per user

Last but not least, one way to make money on your blog is to simply ask for it.

You can start accepting donations in several ways: add the donation button Yandex, Paypal, or Patreon to your website. These types of earnings work better for video content or for graphic content. You can not write openly about this on the blog, but insert a donation call at the end of each mailing list. Donations are the last on the list because of their low efficiency, as in this case, you rely solely on the generosity of your readers.

Tip: Offer your readers something useful in return.

There are other ways to make extra money on your blogs, such as selling products, monetizing your YouTube video on your blog, advertising in podcasts, and others. Remember that your blog is a platform on which you need to test different ways of monetization.

The more creative and useful for your readers you are, the higher your income from the blog will be, and accordingly, you will earn more.